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Two and half years after the release of his first record, the anxiously awaited second album from Jon Wirtz, entitled "Tourist," was released April 16, 2013 via iTunes and many other digital outlet stores. Named as one of the top jazz records of 2013 by the Huffington Post, "Tourist" features some of the region's top musicians, including John Macy, Stephen Malloy Brackett (aka Brer Rabbit of the Flobots), and Dan Schwindt (The Motet, Kyle Hollingsworth Band) among many others. It's no wonder that the record has received praise for spanning the full range of style and emotion. Folk, jazz, R&B, funk, progressive, gospel--nothing is off limits. Arrangements range from as small as solo piano up to a six piece band at times. The result is stellar sophomore effort sure to satisfy both the most hardcore and casual jazz listeners.


"All of that experience shows here as Wirtz puts forth on Tourist an incredibly rich album steeped in jazz that is far beyond his years . . . Wirtz showcases a massively vast range, virtuoso phrasing and impeccable taste." -- Brian Johnson, Marquee Magazine

"What Wirtz does with the piano is brilliant, a genius . . . " -- Joshua Johnson, Hey Reverb

"There are a few artists out there that can still play instruments in a way that will make your jaw hit the floor while plucking your heart strings . . . So enter pianist Jon Wirtz who just released his latest CD entitled Tourist. What do bands like Aaron Parks, Jacky Terrasson, and Keith Jarrett have that Jon Wirtz don’t? Not much if you ask me . . . let me go on record by saying he is what the world has been waiting for musically." -- Michael Rand,

"Wirtz’s appealing style and slamming playing hit the mark and with intellectually stimulating musical territory providing a very real and powerful source of inspiration overall . . . In this aspect Tourist is in itself an impressive musical set from Wirtz, and also grants you rare access to peer into the gentile-gifted soul of a quintessential artist from his perspective." -- Blaine Calhoun, Vents Magazine

"As the CD slowly unfolds you will notice most of the songs are quite dynamic and reminiscent of free form piano jazz masters: Vince Guaraldi, Billy Cobham, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Chick Corea, Miles Davis . . . Last but not least - the playing, writing and production abilities of Jon Wirtz at the helm are to die for. Just hit play, sit back and see where this amazing journey takes your mind, body and spirit." -- Cyrus Rhodes, Indie Music Digest

"All songs presented on Tourist are a skillful combination of modern jazz, yet with a slight popish flair that will remind you Brad Mehldau, Joe Sample, and George Winston. Wirtz has all the creativity and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous . . . let me go on record by stating Jon Wirtz is the best pianist I’ve never heard of." -- Skope Magazine

"Shades of Ahmad Jamal are thrown in juxtaposition to minimalist hues full of positive energy and catharsis. The piano is the center of it all, but to label Tourist piano music is misleading. This is music music, and from my interview with him it is clear that Wirtz is a musician’s musician." -- David Paul Kleinman, Glide Magazine

"All 1o tracks provide intensely exhilarating experience that can tingle the senses into submission . . . Rating: 9/10. " -- M. Blackwell, Rock'n'Roll Review

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released April 16, 2013

Jon Wirtz - piano
Alejandro Castano - drums
John Grigsby - bass
Dan Schwindt - electric/acoustic guitars on tracks 2, 5 and 7
John Macy - pedal steel guitar on track 6
Heather Larrabee - vocals on track 3
Jess DeNicola - vocals on track 3
Sarah Morris - vocals on track 1, 3
Stephen Malloy Brackett - spoken word on track 3
Gabriel Mervine - trumpet on track 10

"Gratitude" lyrics written and performed by Stephen Malloy Brackett



Jon Wirtz Denver, Colorado

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